Eco-Friendly Food Grade BENDABLE Paper Straws

Eco-Friendly Food Grade BENDABLE Paper Straws


Isn't this a picture perfect holiday?....except for that one plastic straw!

Well thanks to some "lovely" pictures of whales dying with belly full of plastics, there are eco-friendly alternatives for us to choose from.

Like these little suckers here that I found on our friendly neighborhood store - The Green Green Shop

Lets face it...who doesn't like a Bendi Straw?


COSTS - These comes with a price tag of $6.99 for a pack of 20 straws.  Well not too bad for a fun eco-friendly indulgence.



This took slightly more than 2 weeks to shipping of course.

Here it is unboxed.



Now the common problem with these paper straws is how long they hold up once they get dipped into our drinks.  Some really goes all mushy within minutes coming in contact with water.

So we did "THE WATER TEST " where we took a straw and dipped into a tall glass of water.


And after about 3 hours, this is what it looks like.  The Bendi straw on the left did go a little soft but not to the "mushy" stage.  The  straw on the right was a paper straw bought from the local store and it went really soft just after an hour.

I did a PRESS test as well in the area circled above.  Basically I just take my finger and gave it a firm push down.  The Bendi straw still could hold its shape much better than the store bought one even though its been in the water for much longer.



Worth to mention is that these little suckers come in a few color options, in case white is just too boring.



So in terms of quality, I would give it a 5 STAR rating.  Just wish the pack came with more straws in it but I guess we could just order a few more packs to keep in handy.


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