Sisal Soap Bags - How To Use It?

Sisal Soap Bags - How To Use It?

Do you ever notice that you soap "melts" faster while using the Sisal Soap Bag?

Whenever you use this Sisal Soap Bags, the general instructions is that you take your bar of soap, put it into the soap bag, shower with it and after use, just hang it up to dry.  

I've tried using the Sisal Soap Bags a few months ago, but I was kind of disappointed when I found that it caused my soap to "melt" faster than I could use it.

Now the soap bag is also suppose to be a soap saver bag, meaning you technically should save up on your soap.  You know, as the soap reaches towards the final stages of use, it gets hard to grip due to its shrinking size and can't properly rub it on your body.  This is where this soap bag comes to play.

I must admit, yes it does make it easier to grip but due to the nature of the fabric, the soap bag actually absorbs moisture which ends up making your soap hard to dry & continues to "melt" even after you finish using it.

How do you solve this "melting" problem?

So after researching around, to really save on your soap, you should remove the soap out from the bag after every use.  Hang the sisal soap bag up to dry separately while you place your soap on a soap holder to let the excess water drip away. 

This way you not only prolong the use of the soap but also allow the soap bag to dry up faster (which means avoid giving bacteria a chance to create a home in your soap bag.

Give it a try and see how it goes.

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