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Eco Friendly CUKUR Double Edge Safety Razor (Free 5 Astra Platinum Safety Blades)

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CLOSER SHAVE - Safety razors give you a closer shave than modern shavers, helping to reduce skin irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs.

MORE HYGIENIC - Multi-blade cartridges get clogged with hair and bacteria, whilst safety razors are easily cleaned and the blades are changed more often.

WALLET FRIENDLY - Why spend more on expensive multi-blade cartridges when you can use cheap and effective double-edged razor blades?

ECO FRIENDLY - Razor blades can be recycled, unlike multi-blade cartridges. Safety razors can also last for many years due to their sturdy construction.

NO PLASTIC - Plastic-free minimalist cardboard packaging. No unnecessary inserts, foam, case or package printing.

To get you started, all CUKUR safety razors come with a pack of five Astra Superior Platinum double-edge razor blades, one of the best value razor blades in the market.

This item ships from the USA.