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Eco Friendly Disposable Bamboo Straight Tip Mascara Wand Applicator - 50 pcs

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This eco-friendly makeup tool is made from Bamboo and nylon brush. Bamboo is a naturally biodegradable, renewable alternative to plastic. As it grows, bamboo helps reduce soil erosion, absorbs 5x more carbon dioxide, and requires less water than similar plants.  The bamboo handle can be thrown into the compost while the nylon brush can be recycled. 

This Bamboo Straight Tip Mascara Wand features a high bristle density perfect for creating bold look in a no-fuss application. Perfect for curling and lifting lashes to achieve seductive, dramatic look, they can also be used to separate lashes before and after mascara application as well as for eyebrows' grooming.

The Mascara Wand Straight tip is a classic shape for a reason. It allows natural applications of styles that you already know and is ideal for eyebrow tinting. 

It offers a convenient & sanitary single-use option for spas, makeup counters, special events and more. Whether you are home or on the go, being sanitary will never be a question.

This item ships from the USA.