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Natural Teak Wood Cooking Utensils Set for Kitchen with Basket Holder

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Handmade wooden 4-piece kitchen utensil set crafted  from solid teak wood - Comfortable to hold, durable & sturdy. Each piece is selected from teak trees sustainably grown in Java, Indonesia.

Comfortable handle, durable & sturdy and comes with a Rattan Basket for easy storage. 

Set includes:

  • Rattan Basket L x 1
  • Strainer Ladle x 1
  • Soup Spatula x 1
  • Spatula x 1

    Measurement Size:

    • (RATTAN BASKET L) Width: 17 CM x Height: 17 CM
    • (STRAINER LADLE) Width: 12 CM x Length: 35 CM
    • (SOUP SPATULA) Length: 35 CM x Width: 9 CM
    • (SPATULA) Length: 44 CM x Width: 8 CM

    Heat safe to 450 degrees F, so don't worry about them melting like a silicone or plastic utensil.

    Safe for use with non-stick cookware as these wooden eating utensils won't scratch your pots & pans.

      Whether you are a professional chef or beginner cook, this 4-Piece wooden kitchen non-stick cooking utensil kit will be a great prep tool. 

      Present this cooking tool set to someone special or anyone who loves to cook as a wonderful housewarming or holiday gift.


      To keep your cooking spoons in good condition, please rinse cook utensil set immediately after use and towel dry. Recommend hand wash the utensils with warm water or use baking soda and vinegar as a wooden utensil cleaning agent. 

      Do not use dishwasher as the rapid drying process is harmful to wood's sustainability and use.

      Avoid soaking in water for a long time.

      Do not put in a dishwasher, microwave, freezer or oven.

      Keep away from heat and sunlight and store in a well-ventilated place.


      As these are handmade, there may be some degree of differences to color and size.